Frequently Asked Questions

I am really impressed with how it helps people. I have always been a bit of a proponent of alternative methods.

I see a lot of people and know how much people suffer with pain that traditional medicine has few answers for. Many of those answers are addictive medications that can cause other problems or fail to help, especially in the long run.

I do like helping people and have enjoyed watching some of the results.

Yes, I do provide individual evaluations on occasion. I actually have a full time "job", so I am not really trying to build my practice and attract people who want to be my patient.

As it relates to PEMF, I would suggest that you start with a session and see what you notice. If it is important to you, a session can be scheduled with me (the doctor) though at higher cost.

There are other things that happen in my office that some people are interested in, and I do schedule appointments for evaluation when it is necessary. These are usually at least an hour and are not covered by insurance usually.

I have provided sessions, but most of the sessions are scheduled when I am not in the office. You do not have to be a patient of mine to schedule sessions.

You do not usually need your doctor to write a prescription for exercise, so you do not need me to give the ok for you to benefit from this device. There are two nurses and a medical assistant who are trained and provide sessions.

Pregnancy is a contraindication. Pacemakers and other implanted medical devices are also a contraindication.

Screws, plates, knees, rods, joints are not a problem. The pulsed field does not effect them, and they do not interfere with the field.

Depending on the location and orientation of the field, there are frequently muscles firing. This is caused by the cells responding to the energy and can feel strange. It does not have to be uncomfortable or intense for the session to be helpful.

Some clients notice immediate relief. We have had clients report no feeling with the session or immediate change who return reporting complete relief later.

Some clients notice complete relief (no pain, restored range of motion) that will last for days. Most notice relief that lasts a day or two initially. And then with repeated sessions the relief lasts longer.

In a word, no. There is no need for it to be painful.

Some clients experience a tapping sensation where there is a scar or inflammation in the tissues. But that happens as the field pulses, so it is not constant.

Some areas are more muscular and the strength of the field can cause muscle contraction. It is strange, but it does not need to be uncomfortable or painful.

We make appointments in the office 6 days a week and are scheduling the providers around demand.

The sessions last about 20 minutes with 5 three minute sessions with the device.

While it may feel strange as muscles move without "command", it is not painful and does not need to be to be beneficial.

The client remains full clothed.

Sessions can be scheduled individually. We discount combinations of sessions which never "expire."

We can have our speculations about who might not want this out there. It is promoted by Dr. Oz. Dr. William Pawluk has a website that reviews a lot of information about PEMF and various devices that are marketed and available. Some can be purchased for $1000 or so. They are not as powerful as the device in my office.

There are devices that some main stream doctors are using that aid healing after surgery. There are FDA approved devices for depression, incontinence, non-union bone fracture healing, and brain tumors. So it is known. Just not for some of the things that traditional medicine uses surgery and pharmaceutical to treat.

Dr. Gordon has horses. This has been very popular within the horse folks. He has used the machine with his horses and he says that they follow him when he shows up with the machine. They come to him, or more accurately, they come to the machine.

The owner of my office has a dog with severe hip pain as well as pain in her front legs. Alice has had times that she can not get herself up. Alice comes to my door many times when they come to the office now. After the first two or three weeks, Alice came to her owner to go for a walk.

Dr. Gordon likes to call it Magnetically Induced Cellular Exercise (MICE). There are very few things that exercise is bad for.

It is also useful to think of it as charging up your cells' batteries. (It actually does change electrical potential across cell membranes.)

It helps the cells function better and do what they are supposed to do.